HOW To Apply for a 1x1 Special Event Call Sign

The Missouri QSO Party Committee does not manage or administer the allocation of the 1x1 special event call signs for the Missouri QSO Party. That responsibility belongs to the FCC, who has delegated it to a group of Special Event Callsign Coordinators, mostly consisting of the various VEC organizations. The volunteer coordinators have made it easy to apply by creating a single website where any licensed radio amateur may go and apply for a temporary 1x1 special event call sign for a limited time span. Application is free, quick, and may be completed online in just a few minutes by following the steps outlined below.

Here are the steps to request a 1x1 callsign for the Missouri QSO Party:

  1. Go to the Missouri QSO Party 1x1 Special Event Station Status page and select a call sign that shows as '-' on our status page. 
  2. Go to the website and complete the form to request your 1x1 call sign.
  3. Please select dates that include the Missouri QSO Party event dates (for 2024, this would be April 6 and 7). Some like to have the call for a few days before, and / or a few days after the QSO Party.
  4. Enter "MIssouri QSO Party" or  "MOQP" for the event name. You could also include the year (i.e. 2024 MOQP).
  5. Be sure and select a coordinator (The ARRL is a good choice).
  6. Fill out the remainder of the form with your data.
  7. Click on the save button at the bottom of the form (somtimes is scrolles off-screen).

Once submitted, you should see approval within 24 hours, give or take. It may take a bit longer on the weekends.

When your request for a 1x1 call is approved  it will automatically appear on our Missouri QSO Party 1x1 Special Event Station Status page. This page gets updated every six (6) hours.


For more information about the 1x1 callsign program 

Please look at the following links on the website: