MOQP 1 x 1 Show Me Operators for 2015

Updated 1/26/2015 at 21:45

1 X 1 Call Owner Call Club / Name
K0SKD0JBNDon Meyer
K0HAD0JAJacob Nagel
K0OKE0BSJCharles Rader
K0WAA0WVCharles Ritter, Gasconade River Radio Club
K0MK8MCNKelly McNutt
K0END9EScott Young
N0HAB0RXGeorge Mackus
N0OK0FGFred Groce
N0WW0RMSErnie Chiles
N0MNI0RRoger Heard
W0SWA0JCOBill Schmidt, Dent County Raiders
W0HAD0DXRon Bondy
W0OKC0GPGeorge Pease, nwmoares
W0WN/ANot available, In use for another activity
W0MAF5QRon Grossman
W0EKI0IMark Mills

As you work people in the contest with these 1x1 callsigns, the last letter of the 1x1 callsign may be used to spell out one letter in a phrase. The phrase this year will be Show Me. You will receive a handsome certificate if you complete the phrase!

Example: n0S w0H k0O n0W k0M n0E

Bonus point station WØMA will serve as a wild card character for ONE LETTER in the phrase Show Me.

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