2020 MOQP Last Minute Rule Changes

and COVID-19 Guidelines 

The MOQP Committee believes we can all benefit from an activity that will bring some fun and distraction from the current Corona Virus (COVID-19) situation. Therefore, the 2020 MO QSO party will take place on April 4-5, as planned.  We also  understand that this is a very serious time, and we do want everyone to be safe and comply with guidelines and government regulations being put in place by our health and safety officials.

Therefore, the MOQP Committee is encouraging operations from home this year. To help facilitate home operations, the following rule changes will be in effect: 

    1. Missouri Multi-Operator stations will be allowed to operate from multiple QTHs as long as all stations are located in the same MO County and give the same county report.
    2. Non-Missouri Multi-Operator stations will be allowed to operate from multiple QTHs as long as all stations are located in the same state and give the same state report.

The intent of these changes are to allow operators of multi operator stations to each operate from their home QTH while still being able to enter the multi operator category.   Stations operating in this manner will need to share log data to avoid DUPEs,  be mindful of only having one transmitted signal on any given mode/band combination at a time, and submit a single, combined log.

If operators choose to participate in the mobile and expedition categories for 2020, operators of stations in these categories need to be mindful of their own health, the increased chances of exposure to or spreading of the Corona Virus, and compliance with all federal, state and local regulations. 

For your information, the WØMA “bonus” station located at the Boeing – St. Louis site, will operate in a “distributed” manner, similar to the way in which the ARRL celebrated their 100th anniversary with W1AW/100 stations operating from various sites throughout the country.  Operators from the BEARS – STL club will activate WØMA on various bands, modes  and frequencies from their home stations, coordinated to make certain that all FCC regulations are followed.  Look for WØMA on various bands, modes and frequencies as you normally would, using the DX Summit cluster to see where we are operating at any given time.  This will allow you to continue to earn the bonus points available for completing a QSO with WØMA, while the operators from the BEARS club practice the appropriate social distancing, etc, limiting the spread of the virus.

All other rules remain the same.

Our goal with these changes is that this year’s QSO Party helps brighten your days and keep us all safe – at least on April 4-5!

We hope to hear you all on the air in the MOQP.
73 de MOQP Committee